Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Bils vs Gohan, Buu, 18

Posted on January 20, 2013

Update January 23 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods HQ Scans – Screenshots, Events

Three new scans of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods have been released! The first features Bils vs Gohan, Buu, and 18! Bils slams Gohan and Buu into one another in one of the screenshots, while in the other he toys with 18 using chopsticks!

The scan also mentions Emperor Pilaf, Mai, and Shu are turned into children. No mention of how, but the prospect is quite interesting as in Dragon Ball GT they had Goku turned into a child. Additionally, the scan indicates Vegeta has met Bils before. Even though Vegeta is no match, Bils has some kind of interest in the Saiyans! What is Bils seeking out? Can Goku and company stop him!? Looks like we’ll have to watch Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods to find out!

Both the above scan and the colored one below mention the theme song for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Cha-La Head-Cha-La by FLOW and that those who pre-order tickets will get a set of Dragon Ball shaped pens. The scans shows one set will have the One Star, Six Star, and Seven Star ball, while the other will have the Two Star, Three Star, and Five Star ball. The Four Star seems to be missing, and if Anime Games Online has to guess, we bet it’ll come up in come kind of other bonus. Of course, that’s just our guess!

The last scan lists a host of events going on in Japan in regards to Dragon Ball. This includes early screenings for Battle of Gods in Japan for over 1,700 readers of the Jump line of magazines. You can read more about it in the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Promos and Tie-Ins post.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either movie.