Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission Special Edition

Namco Bandai Games has in store a Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission Special Edition for Japanese fans. It is comprised of the game itself, six packs of Dragon Ball Heroes tournament cards, and a nice carrying case that holds twenty cards. This special edition has a price tag of 7,980 yen (around $91 USD) and is available for purchase from Namco Bandai’s LaLabitMarket website. The standard, game only edition runs at 5,800 yen (around $66 USD).

Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-02.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-03.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-04.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-05.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-06.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-07.png Dragon-Ball-Heroes-Special-Edition-08.png


Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission is scheduled to hit Japanese retailers on February 28, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will a port of the arcade game with additional features such as in-game animation and a new story mode. Ultimate Mission will include wireless support, connectivity with the arcade version and over 100 characters spread across 800 cards. There is no word on a North American or European release at this time.