One Piece Film Z Review, Now in Japanese Theaters, New Media

Posted on December 15, 2012

One Piece Film Z has officially been released into Japanese theaters! After the December 15th premiere, a host of new media has hit the web such as artwork, screenshots, and videos. This includes fans showing off a special 84-page Volume Z manga given to the first 2 million fans who go to see the movie. There is even a One Piece Film Z review in English! Check it all out below!

Note: Some of the Film Z materials include content related to the movie’s tie in specials: One Piece: Glorious Island and One Piece Episode of Luffy: The Hand Island Adventure.

Film-Z-12-15-036.jpg Film-Z-12-15-031.JPG Film-Z-12-15-032.jpg Film-Z-12-15-033.jpg Film-Z-12-15-034.jpg Film-Z-12-15-034.jpg Film-Z-12-15-034.jpg Film-Z-12-15-030.JPG Film-Z-12-15-027.JPG Film-Z-12-15-028.JPG Film-Z-12-15-025.JPG Film-Z-12-15-026.JPG Film-Z-12-15-022.JPG Film-Z-12-15-023.JPG Film-Z-12-15-024.JPG Film-Z-12-15-021.JPG Film-Z-12-15-018.jpg Film-Z-12-15-017.jpg Film-Z-12-15-011.jpg Film-Z-12-15-012.jpg Film-Z-12-15-013.jpg Film-Z-12-15-013.jpg Film-Z-12-15-015.jpg Film-Z-12-15-016.jpg Film-Z-12-15-010.jpg Film-Z-12-15-005.jpg Film-Z-12-15-006.jpg Film-Z-12-15-007.jpg Film-Z-12-15-009.jpg Film-Z-12-15-003.jpg Film-Z-12-15-004.jpg Film-Z-12-15-002.jpg Film-Z-12-15-001.jpg Film-Z-12-15-008.jpg Film-Z-12-15-037.jpgFilm-Z-12-15-038.jpg

Fans Show One Piece Volume Z

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