Dragon Ball Z Battle: of Gods Scan 5 Asks 5 Questions

Posted on December 22, 2012

The fifth Dragon Ball Z Battle: of Gods Scan has been released! It doesn’t reveal anything new, but instead asks 5 questions followed by 5 responses that further pique our curiosity!

Question 1: A character clashing with Goku!! Who on Earth could he be…?!
A fighter battling Goku with composure!! This creature, trying to keep something a secret, is the god of governs destruction, Bils!!!

Question 2: When is the setting of the story?
A few years after the battle with Majin Buu. A few years before the final episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Question 3: In the middle of a battle, but still they are holding…?!
Everybody is holding a toasting glass in their hands?! Is it some kind of party…?!

Question 4: Bils has an accomplice?
An attendant who is always by Bils’ side!! Could this character named Wiss be a god like Bils…?!

Question 5: Bils is unbelievably Strong?!
We’ll say this just to be clear. Bils is most definitely the strongest being in the history of Dragon Ball Z!!!

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either movie.