10 New One Piece Film Z Videos and Lots of Scans, Art

Posted on November 26, 2012

One Piece Film Z is less than a month away from it’s official Japanese theatrical release on December 15th. Today we have a whole bunch of new videos, scans, and art to share courtesy of Anime Games Online fan Samar Patel! The scans show screenshots from the movie, while the art shows the two different outfits characters will wear. We’ve also thrown in two posters of the movie.

One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-261.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-30.jpg 5fe15332.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Alternates-01.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Alternates-02.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-31.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-27.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-28.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Scan-29.jpg

One-Piece-Film-Z-Robin1.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Z1.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Chopper1.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Nami1.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Poster-2.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-Poster1.jpg One-Piece-Film-Z-2.jpg

Next up are One Piece Film Z Commercials 3 and 4. Check out the One Piece Film Z TV Commercials Released page for the first two.

The popular convenience store chain, 7-11, is having a One Piece Film Z themed commercial broadcast in Japan.

In honor of One Piece Film Z and the great holiday season, visitors can find at Tokyo’s Aqua City Odaiba shopping complex an awesome replica of Thousand Sunny that shoots out smoke as well as an illumination event! You will also note the voice actors of the Straw Hat crew coming up on stage to promote One Piece Film Z and showcase their talents!

The two videos below recap the voice actor event and show off some new footage from the movie!