One Piece December Filler Arc Ties into Film Z (Art, Video Preview)

Posted on November 25, 2012

In Japan on December 2nd, Z’s Ambition begins! This is a new filler arc and will tie-in to the up-coming movie, One Piece Film Z, which hits Japanese theaters on December 15. Z’s Ambition Arc will be comprised of four episodes, with one airing every week. One Piece episode 575 “The Little Giant Lily!” will air December 2nd, episode 576 “The Mysterious Strongest Army Corps Appears!” will air December 9th, and the arc will continue until December 23rd. Check out the preview for One Piece 575 below as well as special character art for the arc.

ZsAmbition-Brook.jpg ZsAmbition-Chopper.jpg ZsAmbition-Robin.jpg ZsAmbition-Sanji.jpg ZsAmbition-Usopp.jpg ZsAmbition-Franky.jpg ZsAmbition-Luffy.jpg ZsAmbition-Nami.jpg ZsAmbition-Zoro.jpg

Thanks Samar Patel!