New Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Scan

Posted on November 15, 2012

A brand new scan for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods has been revealed from Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine! The scan reads “The curtain rises on the battle of gods” and poses the question what is this title surrounded by mystery, “Battle of Gods”…?! The scan then says the movie’s title has been announced as “Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods”!! To date, a variety of gods have appeared in the Dragon Ball series, but could it be that there’s a connection to them..?! Be on the lookout for further information!!

Luffy is shown in the scan as well to promote One Piece Film Z. It’s mentioned there will be a pre-sale collaboration ticket that will be good for Film Z as well as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The tickets will go on sale on November 23 for 2,600 yen ($32 USD). These tickets will be sold in a limited capacity and will feature a special illustration by One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda and Dragon Ball Z’s Akira Toriyama. Tickets for only Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will go on sale December 15, 2012.