Dragon Ball Z Kinect Unboxing, Look at Included Goku Hair

Posted on October 20, 2012

There hasn’t been much buzz, Dragon Ball Z Kinect made it’s European and North America releases earlier this month. We’ve heard there has been some difficulty in finding the game at retailers, though we can clearly see it on Amazon.com.

We reported a few weeks ago free Goku hair that comes with the game so we wanted to follow up and show you all what it looks like. Check out the Dragon Ball Z Kinect unboxing video below by YouTube user Jean-Olivier Gagnon. The Goku hair can be seen at the 3:55 mark.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect (officially known as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect) was developed by Spike Chunsoft and features over 50 playable characters. It put players in a first person scenario as they act like the heroes and villains they love from the Dragon Ball Z series thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect. The game was published in North America and Europe by Namco Bandai Games in October 2012 for the Microsoft Xbox 360.