Dragon Ball Z Kinect – Frieza Saga Gameplay Video

Posted on October 20, 2012

Gameplay video footage of the Frieza saga from Dragon Ball Z Kinect has been released courtesy of YouTube user CowCowGamecia! Broken into six videos of footage are the following battles in order: Goku vs Ginyu, Vegeta vs Ginyu, Vegeta vs Frieza, Piccolo vs Frieza, Goku vs Frieza, and Super Saiyan Goku vs Frieza!

Dragon Ball Z Kinect (officially known as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect) was developed by Spike Chunsoft and features over 50 playable characters. It put players in a first person scenario as they act like the heroes and villains they love from the Dragon Ball Z series thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect. The game was published in North America and Europe by Namco Bandai Games in October 2012 for the Microsoft Xbox 360.