Naruto Storm 3 Hack and Slash: Top 5 Desires

Naruto Storm 3 Complete Scan 6 – Naruto vs SasukeA hack and slash mode has been announced for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Naruto Storm 3). As of today, September 9th, it’s unclear what the hack and slash mode will contain, nevertheless, we at Anime Games Online are extremely excited for it!

We expect this mode will tell the Naruto Storm 3 story in a new, and different way than Storm 1, Storm 2, and Generations. Our desires, however, are so much more than that! We want the best of the past games with an extra omph! To elaborate a bit more, we’ve created a Naruto Storm 3 Hack and Slash: Top 5 Desires list to communicate to you, our faithful reader, and our friends at CyberConnect2 what we would love to see! Feel free to give your two cents in the comments and add to the list!

Note: This is a Anime Games Online wishlist!

5. Combos Variations and Multiple Jutsus That Can Be Swapped During Battle

The first thing we thought of when we saw the new scan was the PSP adventure, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact. In Naruto Impact, each character had multiple combos that could easily be performed, more than those in the Storm series! We loved that and would definitely love to see a larger variation of combos in Naruto Storm 3. Below are two videos that show some of Impact’s gameplay, with combos included. The video on the left is of Naruto, while the right is of Sasuke.

The thing we didn’t like about Naruto Impact was that each character was stuck with the same jutsus. Say we are Sasuke, performing Chidori as a jutsu and Kirin as the Ultimate Jutsu. One can only execute the same jutsu so many times before it feels repetitive. So, as the hacking and slashing is going on, we’d like the ability to swap out our jutsus on the fly. Maybe pause the game, go into an options menu and switch Chidori with, for example, Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu and then continue on and keep hacking away!

4. Free Roam Multiple Environments

In Naruto Storm 1 it was a joy to free roam in a completely open Leaf Village, jumping, flipping, and performing an array or acrobatics. In Naruto Storm 2 we enjoyed the ability to go to a variety of venues from the Naruto world, including the Hidden Sand Village and Hidden Rain Village. We’d absolutely love if CyberConnect2 combined the best of both those worlds into Naruto Storm 3! In other words, we’d love to openly explore each of the five villages and the paths in between. That includes jumping on buildings, breaking objects, collecting items, and of course the added feature of beating up the bad guys in hack and slash fashion!

3. Multiplayer Co-op

Beating up bad guys is great, but nothing beats the feeling of beating them up with a friend! The Naruto series mantra is to fight alongside comrades, and in Anime Games Online’s opinion, multiplayer co-op for Naruto Storm 3 is a must! We propose the option to have at least one friend be able to jump into the action. We would be very satisfied with that.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 does support up to four players, however, and in Naruto, teams do often consist of four man cells. What a mega bonus would that be if CyberConnect2 could do that!

2. Online Hack and Slash

Spam is the biggest complaint when it comes to online in the Storm series. If the hack and slash component were to be an online mode in addition to an offline one, spam would be a non-factor as you won’t be fighting against other players, you’d be fighting alongside them!

We would love to see two types of online hack and slash in Naruto Storm 3 – the first being a complete cooperative online story mode. Roaming the free Naruto world we mentioned in Number 4 of this article, in an online multiplayer co-op fashion!

The other would be a competition to see who can defeat the most enemies in a specific time limit! Allow swapping of jutsus like we mentioned in number 5, but limit the amount of times each can be used. Add in the side effect of being vulnerable while swapping jutsus and leaderboards to make it a bit more interesting!

1. Include All Playable Free Battle Characters in Hack and Slash Mode

We Naruto fans are all about the characters. Any character that is playable in Naruto Storm 3’s free battle should also be playable in hack and slash mode. We will most certainly will be overjoyed with these 100 characters.

After reading the list you may think “hey what about having a Naruto MMORPG in Naruto Storm 3?”. You bet Anime Games Online would be all over a Naruto MMORPG, but Storm is a bit more of linear, following the Naruto story, so we’d much rather have a completely different game for that!