Zetsu, Kushina, Karui, Omoi and More in Naruto Storm 3?

Characters are always the biggest topic when it comes to Naruto games! The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has recently posted an entry that lists the English voice actors for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Why is that important? Well, next to the names of the voice actors are the characters they play in the series! This includes Zetsu, Kushina, Karui, and Omoi!

Before getting too excited, Anime Games Online must make two points clear:

1. In no way does this list confirm these characters as playable. Zetsu, for example, may be in the game, but not as a controllable and playable character. Put another way, some of the voice actors may just be lending their voices for the cut scenes to tell the game’s story.

2. IMDB, a fantastic source, takes contributions from the community. In the past we’ve seen inaccurate data for media that has not yet been released. Until Naruto Storm 3 is near it’s release date or is released, the IMDB entry may not be completely valid. There may be more (or less) characters with a presence of some sort in the game.

Take this as rumor for now until revealed through official images, video, or Shonen Jump scans!

So without further ado, here is the list of English voice actors IMDB has posted for Naruto Storm 3 along with the characters they play! Again, just to be very clear, this does not mean they are confirmed playable, it just means they are supposedly in the game.

Steve Blum Ao / Onoki / Zabuza Momochi
Laura Bailey Anko Mitarashi / Kurosuchi
Beau Billingslea Ay
Vic Mignogna Cee / Nagato
Robbie Rist Choji Akimichi
Brian Beacock Chojuro
Ogie Banks Darui
Roger Craig Smith Deidara
Liam O’Brien Gaara
Susan Dalian Haku
Jamieson Price Hashirama Senju / Motoi
Chris Edgerly Hidan
Stephanie Sheh Hinata Hyuga
Steve Kramer Hiruzen Sarutobi
Colleen O’Shaughnessey Ino Yamanaka
Crispin Freeman Itachi Uchiha
Henry Dittman Kabuto Yakushi
Dave Wittenberg Kakashi Hatake
Fred Tatasciore Kakuzu
Michael Lindsay Kankuro
Ali Hillis Karin
Linda Lee Karui
Kyle Hebert Kiba Inuzuka / Akatsuchi
Catero Colbert Killer Bee
Kirk Thornton Kisame Hoshigaki
Dorothy Elias-Fahn Konan
Paul St. Peter Kurama / Nine Tailed Fox
Cindy Robinson Kushina Uzumaki
Neil Kaplan Madara Uchiha / Tobi
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Mei Terumi
Skip Stellrecht Might Guy
Tony Oliver Minato Namikaze
Maile Flanagan Naruto Uzumaki
Steve Staley Neji Hyuga
Khary Payton Omoi
Brian Donovan Rock Lee
Ben Diskin Sai
Kate Higgins Sakura Haruno
Karen Strassman Samui
Johnny Yong Bosch Sasori
Yuri Lowenthal Sasuke Uchiha
James Arnold Taylor Shikamaru Nara
Derek Stephen Prince Shino Aburame
Grant George Suigetsu Hozuki
Tara Platt Temari
Danielle Judovits Tenten
Peter Lurie Tobirama Senju
Debi Mae West Tsunade
Troy Baker Yamato / Pain
Travis Willingham Zetsu / Jugo

Thanks for the tip KodokuTenshiClan!