Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden – Support Characters, Bosses

Posted on August 18, 2012

Three brand new scans for Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden (Nintendo 3DS) have been released! These scans confirm four new characters – Yamato, Sakura, Sai, and Neji. If you look carefully at the scans, these characters don’t seem to be playable, but rather support characters that aid the player as they battle various types of enemies.

In addition, Orochimaru and Kakashi have been confirmed as bosses. Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden is based off of the Naruto spin-off series, Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, but we have to wonder if the game also follows the Naruto Shippuden story. The boss battle against Orochimaru is set at the Tenchi Bridge, while the Kakashi boss battle is at the training field.

Naruto-SD-Powerful-Shippuden-Scan-02.jpg Naruto-SD-Powerful-Shippuden-Scan-03.jpg Naruto-SD-Powerful-Shippuden-Scan-04.jpg

Naruto SD Powerful Shippuden is a side-scrolling action/adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS by Namco Bandai Games and Inti Creates. Confirmed playable characters include Rock Lee and Naruto. The game is set for release in Japan sometime Winter 2012. A release for North America and Europe has not been announced.