Tite Kubo Sick, Bleach Manga on 2 Week Break

Posted on August 3, 2012

Bleach fans know the anime series is currently on an indefinite break. News from the upcoming issue of Shonen Jump reveals the manga too will be on a break as the creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo, as fallen ill.

As you can see in the English translated scan below, there aren’t any details on Kubo-sensei’s sickness. Luckily, it does not seem to be to serious as the manga is expected to return in Shonen Jump issue 38, which officially releases in Japan on August 20. The upcoming issue, which is expected to be officially released in Japan on August 6th, is what is known as a double issue, meaning there will be no Shonen Jump the week after.

Anime Games Online wishes Kubo-sensei a speedy recovery!