One Piece: Romance Dawn – Official Website, Art, Screens

Posted on July 14, 2012


Namco Bandai Games has opened up the official website for One Piece: Romance Dawn! It’s just a teaser at the moment, so aside from some very small screenshots and art, there isn’t much to offer. Just as a warning, there is music on the site so if you don’t want piratey themed music to blast, turn the speakers down. Anyways, you can visit the One Piece: Romance Dawn official website at

To learn more about the game, please visit the One Piece: Romance Dawn to PSP in Winter 2012 (First Scan) post here on Anime Games Online.

One-Piece-Roman-Dawn-01.jpg One-Piece-Roman-Dawn-02.jpg One-Piece-Romance-Dawn-Art-01.png One-Piece-Romance-Dawn-Art-02.png One-Piece-Romance-Dawn-Art-03.png One-Piece-Romance-Dawn-Art-04.jpg