One Piece: Romance Dawn to PSP in Winter 2012 (First Scan)

Posted on July 11, 2012

On December 12, 2004 the PlayStation Portable (PSP) made it’s official retail debut in Japan. This Winter 2012 in Japan, about 8 years after the PSP’s release, Luffy will finally be making his debut in the form of One Piece: Romance Dawn!

Romance Dawn will be an RPG that will follow the One Piece manga story all the way from the beginning in East Blue. Players will be able to adventure through the One Piece world, engaging in battle to gain experience and improve abilities such as speed, defense, and attack strength. The scan below shows that it will be possible to customize characters and participate in what seem to be command-based battles (attack, run, use items, etc).

Luffy is shown as a confirmed playable character, but at this time it’s unclear if the rest of the Straw Hats will also be playable. We hope to have more details as soon as they become available!

Thanks for the scan MD Punk!