One Piece Film Z – First Images of Luffy vs Z

Posted on July 11, 2012

The first images of Luffy vs Z have been released from a television program on Japanese station FujiTV! The images, one of which is in GIF form, seem to show a different variation of outfits worn by Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji when comparing to the ones seen in Shonen Jump. Additionally, the villain Z is shown in color and it has been revealed that he was a former Marine admiral.

Sources: SukattoStaff Blog and

One Piece Film Z is the 12th movie in the One Piece series. It will be released in Japanese theaters on December 15, 2012. This movie will be the first to take place in the New World where the Straw Hat Pirates will face their strongest enemy yet – a man named Z. It’s unclear as to who Z is exactly, but drawings and commentary by Oda-sensei indicate he is a human with cyborg enhancements and unreal power. One Piece Film Z is being marketed as a movie that will “surpass Strong World” and contain a “heroic battle” between Luffy and Z.