Naruto Storm 3: New Interview Reveals 2.5 Years Worth of Work

Naruto Storm 3, our coverage on Anime Games Online continues on this up-coming, potentially very exciting game! The latest is an interview from the 2012 Japan Expo. The second interview from Japan Expo, actually. There was a Naruto Storm 3: Hiroshi Matsuyama interview released this past weekend, but this is a brand new one conducted by the fans over at Naruto-MX. They also speak with the always entertaining CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama! The interview starts off with discussion on Matsuyama-san’s marathon run in which he pretty much says he participated to show Naruto’s tenacity and desire to never give up. The interviewers also kindly give Matsumuya-san a bottle of alcohol to which he seemed very appreciative of!

We are sure what you guys are most interested in, however, are the questions about Naruto Storm 3 and Naruto Generations! The original interview was conducted in Japanese and French, but Anime Games Online has taken the time to extract the key information and translate it into English. The questions are in bold and directly below are Matsuyama-san’s responses.

Naruto Generations shipped over 1 million copies around the world. How successful do you feel about this?
Naruto Storm 2 had reached 1.3 million copies. Being able to reproduce that success has been something special for us so we think with Generations really achieved something incredible!
What makes us really happy is to see all the feedback that had been sent in after the release of Storm 2 and Generations. From the fighting system and beyond, the feedback means a lot to us because it helps improve the fluidity of the game.

How far will in the story will Naruto Storm 3 go?
I can’t really go into detail at the present time, but we planned to include as much content in story mode as possible. In particular, all of the anime episodes that have been aired up until the 2013 release, we hope to include in the game.

In Naruto Generations, there were over 70 playable characters. What has CyberConnect2 planned for Naruto Storm 3?
Details on the number of characters will be revealed in the future. The only thing I can say at this present time is that if fans have been waiting for any characters impatiently, I think we will respond to their expectations.

What are the major changes made to the fighting system for Naruto Storm 3?
What will henceforth play a very important role in the fight is that you will be able to trigger the awakening from the beginning, thanks to the right stick on the control pad. This will play a decisive role in when planning out strategy in battles.

Although awakening mode will trigger additional power for a period of time, the downside is that the character will be more brittle and easier to attack afterwards. In other words, triggering awakening mode has it’s risks.

Again, this will play into the strategy of the fight since players will have to determine the best time to go into awakening mode.

What are the additions to story mode?
Execution of quick time events (QTE) in the battles themselves. This is something that we wanted to include especially since it will satisfy players who enjoy this sort of gameplay. Players will be met with a combination of codes that they will have to enter to trigger cinematic scenes from the anime series to further embellish the battle. We feel this is a small bonus that will allow the game to have greater replay value.

Besides the story mode, there is also another mode completely on which we are working on, but at this time we can’t tell you what it is. It will be revealed at a later time, so stay tuned!
On the topic of replay value, for Naruto Storm Generations we did a lot of effort to ensure that players remain online in as long as possible, so this time, after having finished the story mode, there will still be a lot of content to enjoy. We have new ideas in development so that players will be able to take the most pleasure and as long as possible.

Naruto Storm Generations came out a year ago and Naruto Storm 3 is already announced. Can you promise fans a quality game?
Contrary to what one might think, the development of Storm 3 did not start after Generations. In reality what happened was when development of Storm 2 was finished, the team divided into two. We had a team that was part of Generations and another team that has started working in parallel on Storm 3.

There is over two and a half (2.5) years worth of work behind Storm 3. It’s not a project that will just be coming out just after Generations, there have been a lot of months of planning and development, which will continue to 2013.

But rest assured, in time, we will provide you with the ultimate game to delight you!

And finally, you’ve dawned the Naruto costume before, including the current Sage Mode outfit. Next year we see you in Tailed Beast Chakra Mode?
I’ll try to do it if I can get a special license from Shueisha for that particular outfit.

Is there anything more you could wish for?
We’ve received the great news that Naruto Generations has exceeded 1 million copies. Development on Naruto Storm 3 is underway, with the release scheduled for Spring 2013. As crazy as it sounds, we hope to reach 2 million copies! This is our goal and we hope that players will follow us again, so we count on your support as usual! Dattebayo!

Here is the interview, in French, in case you are interested!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2’s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. We hope to have more details as soon as they become available!