Naruto Storm 3: Hiroshi Matsuyama Interview

At the 2012 Japan Expo, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Naruto Storm 3) was on display as a playable demo for fans to enjoy. On hand to represent Naruto Storm 3 was the president of developer CyberConnect2, Hiroshi Matsuyama! The team at GaaraFrance had the opportunity to interview Matsuyama-sam in regards to the game so that they could provide answers to some of the questions us fans had! The interview is in French, so Anime Games Online will do our best work to extract the key information for you in question and answer format:

Where does the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 story begin?
It begins with a flashback, the Nine Tails Invasion arc, which is what the Japan Expo demo contained. Afterwards, the story will mainly focus on events after the meeting of the Kage.

Will Naruto Storm 3 will focus on the Fourth Shinobi World War?
Yes, that will be the focus of story mode.

Does that mean the story will go up until the appearance of Madara?
Matsuyama, who was laughing and shaking his head at the question, mentions that the end is not really defined yet. The information will be revealed eventually, and there will be a few surprises that will be revealed before the game’s release.

Gaara France notes that they asked Matsuyama-san about Kabuto (Snake Form) and Masked Man for Naruto Generations and were met with the same response, so there is hope for Madara!

How long is story mode and how many boss battles will it contain?
The style will be similar to Naruto Storm 2. Story mode will have several boss battles. It’s too early to estimate the playing time at this moment, but CyberConnect2 has put in a lot of effort into it, especially the visual aspect.

In Naruto Generations, a substitution jutsu bar system was implemented. Will that be returning?
Players have given a lot of feedback in regards to this and CyberConnect2 is considering their opinions as development progresses, but the substitution bar system will be in.

Can players awaken from the start of a match in Naruto Storm 3?
Yes, a good example is from the Japan Expo demo where Minato awakens early in the battle against Masked Man. That is a story mode match, but in normal battles, players will also be able to awaken from the beginning of the match. It will vary from character to character, but early awakenings could have a severe impact, such as fatigue. This will be a new tool to add to a potential combat strategy.

Will there be character customization in Storm 3, such as selectable jutsus, ultimate jutsus, etc?
When a character awakens, the characters have new attacks, speeds, and jutsus. As for personalization, ideas from fans have been collected, and CyberConnect2 is formulating potential implementations as development progresses.

Will characters have new costumes?
Yes, there have been a lot of requests for this so new jutsus and outfits will be in! CyberConnect2 wants to meet the fan demand as a priority!

How does Matsumuya-san look at the option for creating your own ninja, village, buildings, affinities, jutsus, etc?
He thinks it’s very interesting, but not a feature that’s been asked for too much.

Will characters from Part 1 (the pre-timeskip characters) be in Naruto Storm 3?
The story will focus on the ninja war, so characters who have appeared in Naruto Shippuden will make a come back. Part 1 exclusive characters will not make a return. There will, however, be a lot of new characters!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2’s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in Japan, North America, and Europe sometime Spring 2013. We hope to have more details as soon as they become available!