Naruto Manga Volume 61 Cover Released

Posted on July 14, 2012

Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead!!

The 61th volume cover of the greatest manga of all time, Naruto, has been released! It features Rinnegan/Sharingan Tob, Kabuto in Sage Mode, Sasuke, Itachi, and of course our hero Naruto! Titled “The Brothers Fight United,” Naruto manga volume 61 is scheduled for release in Japan on July 27, 2012. The volume will contain Naruto manga chapters 576 to 587.

Naruto Manga Volume 61 Cover

As for the North American version of Naruto manga volume 61, well, that may take a few months to arrive in hard copy format. Viz Media released Naruto manga volume 57 earlier this week on July 10th. Volume 58 is scheduled for a September 11 release, while volume 59 is projected to hit retailers in North America on November 6th. Amazon currently lists Naruto manga volume 60 for a January 1, 2013 release.