Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection Screens from Comic Con

It’s official, Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection is making it’s way to North America this Winter 2012! From the San Diego Comic Con, Namco Bandai Games has released 13 high quality screenshots (screens) from the game.

Five of these Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection screenshots are from Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1.

Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-HD-Collection-16.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-HD-Collection-17.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-HD-Collection-18.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-HD-Collection-14.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-HD-Collection-15.jpg

The other eight Dragon Ball Z Budokai: HD Collection screenshots are from the Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 part of the game.

Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-22.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-21.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-20.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-19.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-23.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-24.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-25.jpg Dragon-Ball-Z-Budokai-3-HD-Collection-26.jpg

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection is a two game compilation consisting of Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3. Both games will feature remastered, high-definition graphics along with trophy and achievement support. Dragon Ball Z HD Collection is set for a European and North American release of Winter 2012 for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.