Top 3 Naruto Generations Annoyances That Need to be Addressed for Storm 3

1. Substiution Jutsu

In Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, many players complained about substitution jutsu spam. CyberConnect2 went to work and added the much appreciated substitution jutsu bar system for Generations, preventing over usage of the technique. However, its implementation brought some new bugs to light. The first is the aforementioned “Behind the Back” glitch. In our experience, those usually take place after a substitution.

The second, and more damaging, is the substitution in place. We aren’t to sure why this happens. In the anime/manga, don’t the characters always substitute behind or pretty much anywhere other then the same place?

At the 1:48 mark in the example below Naruto uses his Ultimate: Sage Art: Giant Massive Rasengan Mega Barrage and it ends up costing Jiraiya 2 substitutes. Kisame or Tenten’s ultimate jutsu may even cause a loss of up to 3 substitution bars. A serious waste to dodge just one jutsu execution! And very painful if you run out because that ultimate jutsu is going to do serious damage!