Naruto x GREE – Second Scan for Mobile Naruto Game

Posted on June 23, 2012

From Shonen Jump comes a brand new scan of the Mobile Naruto Game, Naruto x GREE. This is the second scan we’ve seen featuring the game, with the first being posted on June 7th. The focus seems to be the inclusion of part 1 characters in the game. We can see Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Haku, Kakashi, CS2 Kimimaro, Rock Lee, Neji, Sakon/Ukon, Itachi, and Kisame.

NarutoXGREE as it is tentatively titled, is a social, roleplaying card game. Players will collect ninja cards featuring illustrations of characters from the series, taking on missions and other forms of challenges to raise their skill levels. They can then join together with friends to form strong ninja teams and defeat enemies. GREE, the company behind the game, plans a release to feature phones by the end of June in Japan, with smartphones (Android and iOS) planned for later this summer. The game is confirmed for an English-language North American release, but no release date has been mentioned at this time. Anime Games Online expects a European release as well, but at this time we have not yet seen the official word.