Dragon Ball Z Kinect Listed for $39.99

Posted on April 23, 2012

Dragon Ball Z Kinect game is still a few months away from launch, but the good folks at Amazon have gone ahead and listed a price for Goku’s first controller-free fighter. What is the listed cost? $39.99 – that’s $20 cheaper than a Xbox 360 game normally debuts!

Seeing how the game likely won’t have multiplayer or online, we think the lower than normal price makes sense. However, it’s quite possible the price is just listed incorrectly at the moment. Amazon has listed on their product page November 30, 2012 as the release date for the game, but Namco Bandai has already confirmed the game will be released in October in the United States.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect (officially known as Dragon Ball Z for Kinect) is in development by Spike Chunsoft. It will feature over 50 playable characters and put players in a first person scenario as they act like the heroes and villains they love from the Dragon Ball Z series thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect. The game will be published in North America and Europe by Namco Bandai Games October 2012 for the Microsoft Xbox 360.