Bleach Manga Volume 54 Cover Released in High Quality

Posted on March 3, 2012
Tags: Art, Bleach

Bleach manga volume 54, Goodbye to Our Xcution, has been released in Japan! It officially hit retailers just yesterday on March 2nd. The volume contains Bleach chapters 470 to 479 and wraps up the Lost Agent Arc. As you can see below, the volume features Rukia as the cover girl!

(clicking the image will show it in it’s full glory)

As for the North American release of volume 54, well, it hasn’t been announced yet. However, we expect it to be released very soon in digital format on The print version of the manga, on the other hand, is extremely behind as volume 39 is expected to be released on April 3, 2012. North America may or may not see the print copy of Bleach 54 until next year as Amazon lists Bleach volume 47 with a September 4, 2012 release date. Of course things can change so we’ll have to wait and see what publisher Viz Media has in store as the year progresses!