One Piece Collection 4 Unboxing

Posted on February 10, 2012

One Piece Collection 4 is now available at North American retailers! The collection, which had an official street date of January 31st, 2012, contains One Piece episodes 79 to 103. These uncut episodes come on four DVDs and have both English and Japanese audio tracks with the option for English subtitles. And if the cover with Chopper wasn’t clue enough, the main arc featured on these DVDs is the Drum Island arc.

Below is the One Piece Collection 4 unboxing video by YouTube user pikeville12 followed by FUNimation’s official trailer and description!

The Straw Hats add an adorable new member to the crew in this collection of twenty-four uncut unedited episodes! When Nami the Navigator is stricken by a mysterious illness Luffy and his mates seek medical attention on a frosty island where the locals don t take kindly to pirate trespassers. Their only hope is finding a doctor human or animal that can save Nami and get them back on their way to Alabasta! Showdowns with angry assassins and a cigar-chomping marine captain loom on the horizon but there may yet be hope for the Straw Hats. A fiery ally from the rubber-man s past is ready to lend a hand as Luffy and pany fight to restore peace to Princess Vivi s beloved desert kingdom.