One Piece 3DS Unlimited Cruise SP Limited Edition Unboxing

Posted on February 9, 2012

Today is February 10th in Europe and once European retailers open, they can officially begin selling the first One Piece game to be ever released on the Nintendo 3DS, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP! Of course some fans are lucky and are able to get their hands on the game before releases. Scott Emsen from zomgplay is one of those lucky fans and he has decided to unbox the limited edition of the game for the world see!

one_piece_sp_unboxed-11.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-10.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-3.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-5.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-6.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-12.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-2.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-9.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-7.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-8.jpg one_piece_sp_unboxed-4.jpg

The spine of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Limited Edition is also shown, but with a typo. Not a big deal, but it looks like from here on out we can call the game One Piece: Unlimlited Cruise SP!

One Piece 3DS Unlimited Cruise Special was released in Japan on May 26, 2011 and on February 10, 2012 in Europe by publisher Namco Bandai. It takes players through the war between the World Government and Whitebeard Pirates and hosts a plethora of characters from the series. No word on a North American release date at this time. To learn more about the game, check out our past posts on One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special