Naruto Shippuden February 2012 Schedule

Posted on January 26, 2012

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Warning: Major manga spoilers ahead

Just last month Naruto finally arrived in the Lightning Country’s “paradise” island to train with the 8-Tailed Jinchuriki, Killer Bee. It took a bit of convincing to get Bee to actually agree to train Naruto, but our favorite knucklehead ninja was able to pull it off! After fighting with a dark version of himself, Naruto has begun battle with the Nine-Tailed Fox. However, even after using the power of Sage Mode, the Fox is just too much for Naruto. With our hero losing vitality, a sparkle of hope steps in – Kushina Uzumaki – Naruto’s mom!

And now Anime Games Online is extremely excited to say begins an action-filled and information-packed February 2012! Five episodes of Naruto Shippuden in four weeks, delving into the history of the legendary 4th Hokage (Minato Namikaze) and his wife Kushina Uzumaki as they look to protect their one and only son! Below are the air dates, episode titles, and our predictions as to what this month holds!

  • February 02, 2012
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 247 – The Nine-Tails is Targeted

    We predict this episode will feature a rejuvenated Naruto who takes down the Nine Tailed Fox and goes into Tailed Beast Mode for the first time! Afterwards we predict Naruto’s mom will begin to tell the story of Naruto’s birth and the Leaf Village’s past.
  • February 09, 2012
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 248-249 – Naruto Shippuuden Special: The Father’s Decision – The Mother’s Tears – The Secret of Naruto’s Birth!

    We predict this episode will continue Kushina’s story in which she describes Masked Madara, who takes baby Naruto hostage, and fights Minato. We think Minato will be able to take Naruto back in these episodes and hide in a shelter with Kushina. Additionally, we predict this one hour special will have the battle between Minato and the Nine-Tailed fox as well as his and Kushina’s death.
  • February 16, 2012
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 250 – The Rare Beast VS The Monster! A Battle of Youth!

    We predict in this episode Naruto will detect Kisame hiding in Samehada, which Bee took a number of episodes ago. We’re pretty sure we will see the much awaited part three of Kisame taking on Guy!
  • February 23, 2012
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 251 – The Man Known as Kisame

    We predict this episode will be a continuation of Kisame and Guy’s battle. It’s likely we will learn about Kisame’s past as Guy takes him down once and for all.

Also we have the translated episode title for Naruto Shippuden 252, which is tentative scheduled to air March 1, 2012 – “Invitation from the Angel of Death” We predict 252 will be the beginning of the next next arc in the Naruto series, the one that begins with a battle between Masked Madara and Konan!

So in summary, we believe the five Naruto Shippuden episodes in February will cover Naruto Manga chapters 499-508. The dates above are all actual, but the titles are translations and may change once they are officially released by Viz Media. As for our predictions, they are just that, and may not be what’s in the episodes. We’re only making an educated guess based on our experience reading the great manga known as NARUTO!