FUNimation Suspends Production of Dragon Ball Z Blu-rays

Posted on January 26, 2012

Shocking news out of Texas today, as North American producer and distributor FUNimation has announced via a press release (below) that it is suspending production of Dragon Ball Z Blu-rays. This does not include Dragon Ball Z Kai Blu-rays, only Dragon Ball Z. Specifically, the Dragon Ball Z Level X.X series of Blu-rays. If you have the Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 and Level 1.2 box sets and were looking forward to Dragon Ball Z Level 2.1 – which was originally scheduled to be released on March 27, 2012 – well, you may never get a chance to enjoy or collect it to work toward completing your collection.

FUNimation mentions the reason for halting production are “technical challenges” that prevent them from restoring the series “from the original film frame by frame”. We’re no technical experts, but it is surprising that it took two box sets and 26 episodes to realize there were technical challenges. Our personal guess is there is probably some kind of annoying legal snag, but again we’re no experts. Hopefully whatever issue FUNimation is can be resolved quickly and easily so that fans can continue to enjoy the original Dragon Ball Z in HD and of course complete their collection!

By the way, Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 and Dragon Ball Z Level 1.2 are still being sold at retailers, at least for now. If you want to pick them up, then by all means go for it! You never know, maybe they’ll become collector’s items 50 years in the future.

Flower Mound, TX – January 26, 2012- FUNimation Entertainment, has officially confirmed they have suspended production of all future planned Blu-ray releases of Dragon Ball Z including Level 2.1 scheduled to be released on March 27, 2012.

Blu-ray editions of Dragon Ball Z went into production based on fan demand, however due to technical challenges of restoring from the original film frame by frame, we are unable to continue these releases by way of this process. FUNimation will be re-evaluating the current process and researching more efficient methods of restoration.

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