One Piece 529 Anime Episode Preview Scan

Posted on December 17, 2011

A brand new scan from from Shonen Jump previews the next weeks of the great pirate anime One Piece! We know One Piece 528 isn’t out yet, but we thought why not treat you to the next preview scan as soon as possible! As you can see below, the scan features Madame Shirley and it is mentioned she foresees an individual with a straw hat destroying Fishman Island. It’s no wonder the episode is titled “Fishman Island Collapses?! Shirley’s Prediction!”

One Piece 529 is scheduled to air December 25th in Japan. FUNimation will likely have the official stream for North America available on December 24th at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT at OnePieceOfficial.Com.