New One Piece Characters and Products Preview Scan

Posted on December 3, 2011

A brand new scan from Shonen Jump previews the up-coming characters in the One Piece anime! These characters have all been seen in the manga, so if you read that this should be nothing new. However, if you are an anime-only type of person, warning major spoilers ahead!

Vander Decken IX – First Appearance in Chapter 606 (and now in anime episode 525)
The current captain of the Flying Pirates and the eighth descendent of the legendary Vander Decken. He is a Japanese bullhead shark fishman with black hair, a white shirt, green overalls, and yellow hat.

Hody Jones – First Appearance in Chapter 608
The captain of the New Fishman Pirates and a former soldier of the Neptune Army that shares Arlong’s ideals. He is the great white shark fishman with black hair, a pink hat, white scarf, and unbuttoned red shirt.

Madame Shirley – First Appearance in Chapter 610
A fortune teller on Fishman Island, the owner of Mermaid Cafe, and Arlong’s younger sister. She is a shortfin mako shark mermaid with black hair, a blue hood, and blue shirt.

Princess Shirahoshi – First Appearance in Chapter 612
The youngest child of Ryugu Kingdom’s King Neptune. She is a giant-sized mermaid about ten times the size of Luffy, has pink hair and a yellow bra.