Goku and Luffy at 39th International Emmy Awards

Posted on November 23, 2011

In a press release from September, Japanese animation studio Toei Animation announced they will present the Children & Young People Award at the 39th International Emmy Awards ceremony. “We are honored to participate as a presenter at this year’s International Emmy Awards ceremony,” said Kanji Kazahaya, Director, Global Licensing Business Department for Toei Animation. “Dragon Ball Z and One Piece are internationally beloved brands that convey what the International Emmys are all about – the ability for companies to transcend borders and reach people on a global scale.”

The awards ceremony took place November 21st at the Hilton Hotel in New York and Toei Animation delivered their promise by allowing the event to play host to two of our heroes – Goku, and Luffy!

Not only were the two heroes present at the event goofing around, but as you can see below, they were both on stage as the Children & Young People award was presented.

Sources: ANN, Emirates247