Dragon Ball Z – Level 1.1 Blu-ray Now at Retailers, Unboxing+Review

Posted on November 10, 2011

FUNimation’s Dragon Ball Z – Level 1.1 on Blu-ray is now available at retailers across North America! It features the first 17 episodes of the DBZ series in English or Japanese audio with the option of English subtitles. Unless we saw incorrectly in this unboxing video, this is the first of 18 that will be released in a series of true 1080p HD DBZ Blu-ray discs. Check out the description from Amazon below and then two videos by YouTube user bobsamurai. The first video is of the unboxing and the second is of his review. If you are looking to purchase, Dragon Ball Z – Level 1.1 is currently selling for $20.49 at Amazon.

Brace yourself for the arrival of Raditz! Witness the fall of Goku! And tremble at the moonlit-emergence of young Gohan’s inner beast! For the first time in any corner of the galaxy, Dragon Ball Z is available in HD on Blu-ray! This one-of-a-kind collection presents the first seventeen episodes of DBZ in unparalleled picture quality. A team of experts worked around the clock to put the greatest anime in history on the cutting edge of modern technology. This spectacular Blu-ray version of DBZ is remastered from film – frame by frame – with steps taken to ensure a pristine picture free from any imperfections. The classic 4:3 format is captured in true 1080p HD with the original, director-approved color scheme! You may think you’ve seen all there is to see in the DBZ universe, but you’re wrong. Take home this seventeen episode collection today, and fire your next Kamehameha Wave in the brilliance of Blu-ray!”