The Ultimate Naruto Impact Gameplay Videos Post (Update 6)

Posted on October 18, 2011

By the looks of it, we will be getting many new Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact videos within the next few days. Rather then constantly creating new posts, from here on out we’ll put all new videos in this one post, so check back here frequently to see what’s new!

On a somewhat unrelated note – please buy Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact to show your support for CyberConnect2! They have graciously taken the time to make excellent Naruto games and should be rewarded for their efforts. Not only will it benefit CyberConnect2 if you purchase the game, but it will benefit us as the fans because they will then be able to make even more, and even better Naruto games for us in the future. The game will be available in North America this Tuesday, October 18 and can be purchased from, Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, and many other retailers.

Clear Time Mode, Defeated Mode, Max Combo Mode

Naruto vs Kakzu Boss Battle

Sasuke vs Itachi Boss Battle

Hebi Sasuke Ultimate Jutsu (2:11)

Taka Sasuke vs Itachi/Kisame

Hebi Sasuke
Ultimate Jutsu (0:47) || CS2 (2:05)

Sasuke Amatarasu Special

Deidara Gameplay Ultimate Jutsu (:08)

Sakura vs Sasori

Lee/Guy Gameplay, Kakashi vs Deidara

Itachi Amatarsu (:10) Susanoo (1:25) || Kisame Ultimate Jutsu (2:45) Shark Skin (4:00)

Hinata Gameplay Ultimate Jutsu (:40) Twin Lion Fists Mode (:55)

Konan Ultimate Jutsu (:54) Tenshi Mode (1:05)

Sasuke vs Tobi, Deidara, Itachi

Thanks to EXLR83D, pneumoniasasuke1, Nightstar1994, Bloodninja11, DragonXicor for the videos above.

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