One Piece October 2011 Schedule

Posted on October 8, 2011
Tags: One Piece

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IKUZO! The journey to the New World has begun as last Sunday brought us the first One Piece time skip episode! Well, October is more than just one episode, and in fact, it’s actually five great episodes strong! That’s right, this month there are five episodes of One Piece! Check out the October 2011 schedule below.

  • October 02, 2011 – One Piece Episode 517
    The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!
  • October 09, 2011 – One Piece Episode 518
    An Explosive Situation! Luffy vs. Fake Luffy!
  • October 16, 2011 – One Piece Episode 519
    The Marines Move Out, Target the Straw Hat Crew!
  • October 23, 2011 – One Piece Episode 520
    Massive Gathering, Threat of the Fake Straw Hats!
  • October 30, 2011 – One Piece Episode 521
    The Battle Begins! The Results of Training!

Note: The air dates listed above are for the Japanese release, but technically the schedule for the United States on the official One Piece streaming site by FUNimation – OnePieceOfficial.Com – is a day earlier. Also, some episode titles are translations of Japanese and are subject to change when officially released by FUNimation.