Footage from Naruto Shippuden Panel at 2011 New York Comic Con

Posted on October 14, 2011
Tags: Naruto

The 2011 New York Comic Con is in session until October 16th and today fans had the opportunity to enjoy a Naruto Shippuden panel! There the Japanese and English voices of Naruto Uzumaki – Junko Takeuchi and Maile Flanagan, respectively – talked about their experiences and opinions in regards to the characters and series. Unfortunately, Anime Games Online and most of us fans around the world didn’t get a chance to go, but YouTube user H3llsAngel88 did! Lucky for us, has recorded some footage and has decided to share it!

Takeuchi was present at Comic Con physically. She was asked to say things from the series, such as Naruto’s catch phrase “dattebayo!” and asked what would Naruto would want to do on his day off, to which she responds to have a date with Sakura. At the 36-second mark, a fan asks what was the best thing Naruto learned from Kakashi and Takeuchi responds “thousand years of death!”. Of course she was just kidding, and continued on to say “those who do not treasure their companions are worse than trash” is the the best lesson Kakashi has taught Naruto. Then Takeuchi goes onto say “sexy jutsu” in Japanese as well as “Rasengan!”

Afterwards Flanagan makes an appearance via a video and asks Takeuchi if she identifies with Naruto and how. Takeuchi responds by saying she is random and free spirited like Naruto, and she likes ramen as well, but probably not as much as Naruto. The video cuts off and in video 2 we hear fans ask Takeuchi to say Futon: Rasenshuriken and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, to which she does so with energy!