FUNimation Dragon Ball Z Interview

Posted on October 7, 2011

FUNimation, you should be watching! It was back in the 90’s the great company FUNimation acquired the Dragon Ball series and it was in the 2000’s where they led it to being a North American phenomenon! Senior Social Media Manager at FUNimation, Justin Rojas, recently sat down with some of the key people who contributed their talents and hard work into bringing the legendary series to the West and leading it to the hit series that it was and still is -Gen Fukunaga (Founder / CEO of FUNimation Entertainment), Christopher R. Sabat (ADR Director of DBZ & voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, and more) and Matt O’Hara (Manager of DVD, Blu-ray and Video Production at FUNimation). The interview was aired on YouTube as a live broadcast yesterday. Fast forward to 2:44 into the video for the start.