Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Unboxing (North America Xbox 360)

Unboxing videos, always so fun to see! We’ve seen the European PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – including the box art, instruction manual, and game disc. Well YouTube user fakwah decided to create an unboxing video as well, but for the North American Xbox 360 version. While the front cover of the game is pretty similar, you’ll note the back cover and game discs are different! The PS3 (European) version of the back cover has Vegeta and a few screenshots. The 360 (North American) version has what looks to be Goku and the Eternal Dragon (we could be wrong, there’s a glare) along with screenshots in a different alignment. The PS3 (European) version of the game disc has just the logo for Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi with what looks to be Earth, while the 360 (North American) version has similar art to the front cover. Our guess is these differences are just regional and not console specific. In other words, the European PS3 version would most likely be the same as the European 360 version while the North American 360 version of the box and disc would most likely be like the North American PS3 version. Interesting to see the difference! By the way, we at Anime Games Online were happy to see Naruto Generations, although the unboxer may not have been!

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi (or Dragon Ball: Ultimate Blast in Japan), formerly known as Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011, is a 3D fighting game in development by Spike. The game features beautiful 3D graphics, 30 minutes worth of anime-style cutscenes, free roaming action, boss battles, pursuits, hidden missions, and character creation. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is scheduled to be released October 25 in North America, October 28th in Europe, and December 8th in Japan for the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. To learn more about the game, check out prior posts on Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi.