Bleach Anime October 2011 Schedule

Posted on October 8, 2011
Tags: Bleach

IchigoThe Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc filler arc is now officially over and beginning October 11th, The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc (also known as The Lost Agent Arc) begins! The story takes place seventeen months after the defeat of the sinister Aizen as Ichigo is now a normal high school senior waking up for school, eating breakfast, and then hitting the classroom. Well, that’s until some fishy activity starts brewing. What activity? Well, you’ll have to watch Bleach to find out! Below is the October 2011 schedule for the Bleach anime!

  • October 04, 2011
    Episode 342: Thank You
  • October 11, 2011
    Episode 343: 3rd Year High School Student! Dressed up, a New Chapter Begins!
  • October 18, 2011
    Episode 344: A Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryu, the Joint Struggle!
  • October 25, 2011
    Episode 345: Uryu Attacked, Friends in Danger!

That’s not all! Anime Games Online has the first two episodes in November as well! Remember, for both October and November the titles are just translations from Japanese television guides. When Viz Media releases them on Crunchyroll or on DVD, it’s likely the title will be somewhat different. The episode number and air date, however, are as listed and only subject to the programmers change.

  • November 01, 2011
    Episode 346: Fullbring User – Ginjo Kugo
  • November 08, 2011
    Episode 347: A Crisis Draws Near the Kurosaki House?! Ichigo’s Confusion!