Bleach September 2011 Schedule, Lost Agent Arc Canon Episodes Soon

Posted on September 10, 2011
Tags: Bleach

Ichigo The September 2011 schedule for Kubo Tite’s manga-based television show, Bleach, has been released! As you can see below, it seems the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc is coming to a close. As a brief history, the fight with Ichigo and Aizen ended back in February and the anime was extremely close to the manga. This arc, the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc, began back in April and was preceded by a host of one-shot filler episodes in March. We have yet to see any of these filler episodes at Anime Games Online, but with this chapter in the anime coming to a close, it will be a great time to start!

  • Episode #338: Kon’s Thoughts, Nozomi’s Thoughts – September 06, 2011
  • Episode #339: Protect Ichigo! The Bonds of Friends! – September 13, 2011
  • Episode #340: Reigai vs. Original, Fierce Fighting for Gambled Pride! – September 20, 2011
  • Episode #341: Invading Army Arc, Final Conclusion! – September 27, 2011

But wait, there’s more! Episode 342 which is scheduled to air October 4th, is titled “Thank You” (or Arigatou in Japanese). We believe this is just a bridge episode where everybody thanks each other for their hardwork during the arc, exchange other pleasantries, and promise to be friends forever. Toward the end of the episode we guess the groundwork for the next arc will be laid. It’s most likely they will show a new threat arriving in the shadows, but we’re just guessing.

As for the content of the next arc in the anime, this has not yet been revealed. Rumors have it though the next batch of episodes will be canon and feature the Lost Agent Arc! Those are just rumors, however, they do have some basis! Kubo Tite just this month tweeted about how he loves the cast for the Lost Agent Arc. Zack Mori, the assistant director of production and sound recording for the Bleach anime followed up by tweeting how it was difficult to find the right cast for two of the characters in the Lost Agent Arc – Shishigawara and Riruka – but he is glad they found the right actors that balance between voice and appearance.

So if those tweets by the author of Bleach and assistant director of sound recording are any indication, then the canon arc is coming soon! Possibly next month or November, but our guesses are for October because that’s when we should also be getting a new opening and ending video! only time will tell for sure what’s going to happen, but we hope to have more news on this as it breaks!