Dragon Ball Online Promotional Videos

Posted on August 27, 2011

Developer NTL Inc, in conjunction with Akira Toriyama’s Bird Studio and popular manga publisher Shueisha began working on a massive multiplayer online role-playing Dragon Ball computer game a few years ago. The lucky people of Korea received the game just last year and Taiwan has been enjoying it since earlier this year. We’re actually posting since we just caught some interesting, sort of funny videos promoting the Taiwanese build by publisher Cayenne Tech.

In case you are wondering, Dragon Ball Online takes players to an Earth 216 years after the events at the conclusion of the Dragon Ball manga series. In the game, players can control their choice of a human, Namekian, or Majin to explore a huge world where they can search for Dragon Balls, train to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai, or just interact with other people. Not only that, but players can travel back in time to relive the events of the great Dragon Ball series. The game sounds like the absolute dream all of us Dragon Ball fans have wanted forever!

Our favorite video game publisher Namco Bandai Games plans on releasing this game in Japan, but there is no word on a release date yet. And there have been no plans announced at all for a North American release, but you can bet we’d be all over it if there were! Anyways, enjoy these videos which were posted by the official Dragon Ball Online YouTube channel yesterday.

Since this is our first time posting about Dragon Ball Online here on Anime Games Online, below are some videos that capture some of the essence of the game.

Just to make sure we are clear, there is no word that this game will ever come to North America. Of course it is possible, but no plans have been released at this time.