Bleach Anime Schedule for July 2011 Released

Posted on July 10, 2011
Tags: Bleach

SoifonIt was just back in February that our hero Ichigo defeated the sinister Aizen, and the anime had essentially caught up to the Bleach manga. March was full of one-shot fillers, and in April a new Bleach filler arc had begun. May and June continued the filler arc and in July we have 4 more episodes from the the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc.

We still haven’t had a chance to watch this filler arc yet, but rest assured we hope to get their at some point. Probably at the end of next month, August. Why next month? Well, just keep reading this post and you’ll find out. Anyways, without further ado, below is the Bleach anime schedule for July 2011!

Episode #329: The Forbidden Research…Nozomi’s Hidden Secret – July 05, 2011
Episode #330: I Want to Live…! Nozomi’s Zanpakuto – July 12, 2011
Episode #331: For the Sake of Fighting! The Awakening Nozomi! – July 19, 2011
Episode #332: The Most Evil Reigai, Appears in the Real World! – July 26, 2011

We also have the first two weeks worth of Bleach episodes titles from August as well!

Episode #333: Destroy Nozomi!? Genryusai’s Decision! – August 2, 2011
Episode #334: The Depleting Reiatsu! Ichigo, Death Struggle of the Soul! – August 9, 2011

That’s not all though! Word on the web has it fillers will end soon and September’s batch of episodes will be canon, The Lost Agent Arc! This news supposedly came out of Shonen Jump, however, since there is no scan to prove this, we say take it as rumor for now. If the next canon arc does start in September, there will be 39-40 chapters of manga material to use.