Vote for the Official Title for Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011

As we had guessed some time ago, Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 is not the official title for the next Dragon Ball title! Yahoo! How do we know? Well, the good folks over at Namco Bandai Games have launched a survey, letting fans vote for the official title for Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011!

They give a choice between these five titles:

  • Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Z
  • Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Rising
  • Dragon Ball Z: Awakening Saiyans
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Warriors

In our opinion, the clear cut winner is Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. There isn’t a real reason to why that is other than it just sounds the coolest. Of course, your opinion may differ, and that’s why Namco Bandai is letting all of us cast our vote! To give your 2 cents, head on over to the survey at

There is also a text box in the survey that lets you suggest features for future games, so make sure to tell them we want to create our own characters (like in sports games), create battlefields, 1-vs-3 and 2-vs-2 fighting (like Smash Brothers), and a full online RPG experience that lets you level up, trade items, meet people around the world, and maybe even kick their butt in a Tenkaichi battle royal! Dragon Ball Z: Second Life anyone?

Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 is a 3D fighting game in development by Spike. The game features upgraded graphics from previous DBZ games, destrucuble battle fields, an enhanced story mode, and an accessible battle system that allows gamers to enjoy fast-pasted Dragon Ball Z action! Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 is scheduled to be released later this year for both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 in Japan, Europe, and North America. To learn more, check out prior posts on Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011.