One Piece 3DS is #1 in Sales + New Scan Revealed

The numbers are in and One Piece is on top! One Piece 3DS, One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special was released just last week on Tuesday, May 26th and the sales charts show that it was overwhelmingly the best-selling game the week of March 23rd to March 29th in Japan. It sold 80,488 copies in a week (well, actually 3 days)! The next top seller? TROY Warriors for the PS3 at only 31,428 copies sold! That’s almost a 50,000 copy difference!

Here are the top 10 games sold, the platform they’re for, and the number of copies that were sold between March 23 and March 29 in Japan.

  1. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Specials – 3DS – 80,488
  2. TROY Warriors – PS3 – 31,428
  3. Pandora’s Tower: Until I Return to Your Side – Wii – 21,445
  4. AKIBA’S TRIP – PSP – 16,582
  5. Nobunaga no Yabou: Tendou with Power-Up Kit – PS3 – 15,456
  6. Torejaripoto Mechanical Heritage – DS – 14,304
  7. Professional 2 Dragon Quest Monsters Joker – DS – 13,974
  8. 3 Patapon – PSP – 9,134
  9. Emergency Kick-Off Love Game – PSP – 9,008
  10. Professional Baseball Spirits 2011 – Wii – 8,394

And here is the new scan from the latest issue of Shonen Jump!

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special for the Nintendo 3DS is an enhanced combination of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1 and 2 for the Nintendo Wii. It takes players up to the latest events in the One Piece anime – the war between the World Government and Whitebeard Pirates – and hosts a plethora of characters from the series. The game was published by Namco Bandai Games on May 26th in Japan. To learn more about the game, check out our past posts on One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Special.