7 More Hours of Bleach: Soul Ignition Gameplay Video

After Tuesday’s 7.5 hours worth of gameplay, Ecokichi from Justin.tv has uploaded over 7 more hours of Bleach: Soul Ignition gameplay video! Final Getsuga Tensho Ichigo included!

Bleach: Soul Ignition is an action/adventure game under development by Sony for the PlayStation 3. It will feature 21 playable characters from the Bleach anime/manga series, free-roaming action, various game modes, and the ability to customize and level up characters. NIS America will publish the game in North America this August under the title of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion. Sony will release the game in Japan under the title of Bleach: Soul Ignition on June 23rd. For more information please check out the prior posts on Bleach: Soul Resurreccion