Bleach Anime Schedule for June 2011 Released

Posted on May 29, 2011
Tags: Bleach

RukiaIt was just back in February that our hero Ichigo defeated the sinister Aizen, and the anime had essentially caught up to the Bleach manga. March was full of one-shot fillers, and in April a new Bleach filler arc had begun. May continued the filler arc and in June we have 4 more episodes from the the Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc.

We still haven’t had a chance to watch this filler arc yet, but rest assured we hope to get their at some point. Probably in a month or two so we can enjoy tons of episodes at once. The episodes, though, do look a little interesting as some of our favorite characters are going head-to-head with one another or what looks to be their clone! Anyways, without further ado, below is the Bleach anime schedule for June 2011!

Episode #325: For the Sake of the Believers! Byakuya vs. Hitsugaya! – June 07, 2011
Episode #326: Two Hinamori, Hitsugaya’s Determination – June 14, 2011
Episode #327: The Pride of Kuchiki’s Family! Byakuya vs Byakuya! – June 21, 2011
Episode #328: Defeat Kageroza! Shinigami, Full-out Battle! – June 28, 2011