Poster for Bleach Fillers Features Kon, Rukia-Like Girl, and Storyline

Posted on April 5, 2011
Tags: Bleach

A poster for the new Bleach fillers has recently been released! It features Kon, a green-haired girl that poses some similarities with Rukia, and a creepy green/yellow haired guy along with Ichigo, Rukia, Hitsuguya, Byakuya, and Mayuri. In the top left hand corner, you’ll notice some shadows. While we aren’t sure who they are for sure, it looks like (from left to right) they are shadows of Omaeda, Kira, Renji, and Kenpachi.


This second image reveals the storyline for the arc. It says “After Aizen was captured it seemed as if peace had been restored to Soul Society and the Living World. However, contact with a group of Shinigami was suddenly lost in an accident in the Dangai Precipice World. Afterwards, in the Living World, Kon finds a girl in rags on the roadside and brings her back with him. Meanwhile, contact between Soul Society and the Living World has also been lost. Ichigo notices something is odd, and decides to go see what has happened with Soul Society. In the process, he is captured by a group of criminals who had abducted the Shinigami in Dangai. A perplexed Ichigo has no memories of himself and now, the Gotei 13’s blade is pointed toward Ichigo!”