Bleach Soul Ignition – New Screenshots and Details

Posted on April 7, 2011

Two brand new screenshots of Bleach: Soul Ignition have been released! The first image is of Byakuya vs Yammy. The second one is of Ichigo and somebody else (either it’s a generic Arrancar, or we’re just drawing a blank on who it is).

Bleach Soul Ignition
Bleach Soul Ignition

Also, in our excitement of Final Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Form Ichigo being confirmed the other day, we forgot to mention the official website updated a few details in regards to the game. The first update is that of the features list. Pardon our translation, but Bleach: Soul Ignition will feature:

  • High-quality PS3 videos with full animation
  • The Arrancar Arc
  • A multitude of of characters
  • Seamless gameplay with no frame rate slowdown
  • Simple controls anybody can pick up and play
  • An original anime introduction video made by Studio Pierrot (more details here)

Also, aside the Japanese release date confirmation of June 23, 2011, the official web site lists Bleach Soul Ignition as a one-player game, but with PlayStation Network support. We’re not sure what that means exactly. It’s unfortunate the game is single-player, but the PSN support could mean downloadable content or even online play. We’re not that big into downloadable content, but if there is some kind of Halo-like atmosphere where players can run around, fight, and shoot Getsuga Tenshou, that would be very cool! Of course we’re dreaming here, but we hope to have more information on what PSN support the game has as soon as official word breaks.