One Piece Restaurant Opening in Tokyo, Japan This Month

Posted on December 7, 2010
Tags: One Piece

Two weeks ago we reported there was a One Piece car created by Nissan. Well, now there is also a One Piece Restaurant called “One Piece Restaurant Going Merry”

The news comes from Japanese network, Fuji TV, which says the restaurant will be decorated similar to the inside of Luffy and crew’s Going Merry ship and the menu will consist of items seen directly in the anime and manga series! The menu includes meat on a bone, Sanji’s “terrible” soup (from page 99 One Piece Volume 8), and Nami’s Fruit Macedonia (from page 31 One Piece Volume 6).

In addition to the look, feel, and taste of Going Merry, there will be various events that will be taking place, including appearances from the One Piece anime’s voice cast.

The One Piece Restaurant will be housed at the Ginza Meza Marche shopping facility in Tokyo, however, only for a short time. Fuji TV mentions the restaurant will open December 11, but will close May 31.

The restaurant will require reservations to be made, although few spots for walk-in guests will be available a week after the restaurant opens. We’re not sure how much it’s going to cost to dine, but we’d predict a high price for low quantity. The food doesn’t look all that great either, but hey, it’s all about the One Piece experience! We’d give it a try just for that!

Source: FujiTV, InsideGames