Official Manga Reading Site Planned by Japanese Publishers for US

Posted on November 12, 2010

Fans want their Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many other great manga to read as soon as possible. As a result, there have been countless manga sites that have sprouted to deliver to fans what they want the most – free manga. The Japanese manga industry has been hurt by this, and haven’t really done anything about it – until now!

From the Denshi Shoseki Comic Summit in Tokyo today, the managing Director of Shueisha, Kazuhiko Torishima, outlined the plans for the ultimate manga portal for North American fans to enjoy. Including Shueisha (the publisher behind Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) there will be a total of 37 Japanese manga publishers contributing their properties (listed below).

The team of 37 publishers are planning to open a beta version of the site this year and hope to completely open it’s doors for full distribution March 2011. Free manga and information about different manga will be features of the site.

Unfortunately, the list of mangas which will be available to us was not release. Based on one of the images that were shown at the summit (at the top right) we should probably be seeing the big three of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. Of course we’re only guessing here, so when the official list of manga is released, we’ll be sure to have it and the link to the manga site for you!

List of Publishers in the Initiative

  1. Shueisha
  2. Shogakukan
  3. Akita Shoten
  4. Kadokawa Shoten
  5. Kodansha
  6. Akaneshinsha
  7. ASCII Media Works
  8. East Press
  9. Ichijinsha
  10. Enterbrain Inc.
  11. Oakla Publishing Co. Ltd.
  12. Ohzora Publishing Co.
  13. Gakken
  14. Kasakura Shuppansha
  15. Gentosha Comics Inc.
  16. Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha Ltd.
  17. June-Net
  18. Shogakukan-Shueisha Production
  19. Shodensha
  20. Shonen Gahosha Co.
  21. Shinshokan Publishing
  22. Shinchosha
  23. Takeshobo
  24. Tatsumi Publishing Co. Ltd.
  25. Tokuma Shoten
  26. Nihonbungeisha
  27. Hakusensha
  28. Fujimi Shobo
  29. Fusosha
  30. Futabasha
  31. France Shoin
  32. Bunkasha Publishing Co. Ltd.
  33. Houbunsha
  34. Magazine House
  35. Media Factory
  36. LEED Publishing Co. Ltd.
  37. and Libre Publishing Co. Ltd

Source: animeanime