Nissan Features One Piece To Promote Redesigned Mini-Van

Posted on November 26, 2010
Tags: One Piece

Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan, is using the power of One Piece to promote the redesigned Nissan Serena mini-van! At a recent event in Japan, Nissan (and Luffy) unveiled a One Piece version of the Serena – the Thousand Serena! This One Piece themed version of the car features many of the details from the Straw Hat’s pirate ship the Thousand Sunny. There is a picture of the lion head on the hood, the skull-and-crossbone logo on the roof and tires as well as an image of the soldier-dock system on the sides.


The collaboration between Nissan and One Piece was the sensible fit as the Serena has been the #1 mini-van in terms of sales volume for three years, and One Piece has been the #1 manga in terms of copies sold and printed.

Starting on December 5, the Thousand Serena will appear in a television commercials animated by One Piece’s animation studio, Toei Animation. The redesigned Nissan Serena hits the Japanese market on November 29.

The Thousand Serena version isn’t for sale (at least for now) and will be put on display at the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery until January 13, 2011 and various Nissan dealers in Japan after that.